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Amended Fund Rules – HealthInvest Small & MicroCap Fund

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) has approved HealthInvest Partners’ request to reduce the number of unit classes of HealthInvest Small & MicroCap Fund. The reduction will take place by eliminating unit classes A and B from the fund rules.


Unit holders of classes A and B will automatically receive units in class D. An exchange ratio will be determined based on the unit prices of the classes on 31 January 2020. This ratio will, in turn, determine the number of units in class D each unit holder will receive on 1 February 2020. Please note that the total value of a holding will not change.

The switch from classes A or B to class D will entail a reduction in the fixed fee, but a performance fee will be charged in the event the return exceeds the hurdle rate. The minimum subscription amount will be lowered or remain unchanged, depending on whether you are currently a holder of units in class A or class B.


The switch from units in classes A or B to class D will have no tax consequences for taxpayers in Sweden.

Please follow the links below for a letter to unit holders and the amended fund rules.


Letter to Unit Holders: HealthInvest Small & MicroCap Fund

Fund Rules HealthInvest Small & MicroCap Fund


Angelika Andersson