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Responsible investments

The funds managed by HealthInvest Partners shall not invest in companies which act irresponsibly socially or environmentally. As healthcare investors only, we believe that we have a relatively sound position since we naturally avoid industries such as arms, gambling, alcohol and tobacco.


The foundation of HealthInvest Partners’ position on responsible investments is that our Funds shall not earn money from companies which act irresponsibly. We are signatories to the United Nations principles for responsible investment (UNPRI) and have thereby assumed the responsibility of taking into account environmental, social and ownership aspects in our investment decisions.

As investors in the healthcare sector, we are not involved in industries such as arms, tobacco or gambling. However, our sector is not unblemished by bribery, illegal marketing or deceitful invoicing practices. We believe that companies that are run in a sustainable manner are also those which will generate a good return over time. Accordingly, working with responsible investments can improve a stock portfolio by weeding-out unscrupulous companies.

We also believe that acting responsibly goes hand in hand with good business. There are countless examples of how companies which actively seek to adapt to the needs of growth countries enjoy the possibility of reaping great rewards while increasing sales and getting a head start on competitors.

We use MSCI ESG Research to obtain an external assessment of the companies in which we make investments. MSCI ESG Research is specialised in shedding light on companies from the perspective of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). If we are invested in a company which acts irresponsibly, we will contact them in order to make a change. If this is to no avail, we sell our holdings.