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Personal Data Policy

According to the Data Protection Act, HealthInvest Partners is a data controller.  This means that we are responsible for the personal data we collect and process. Our internal guidelines ensure that we process personal data responsibly, restrictively and according to law.

We must process personal data about you in order for you to be able to use HealthInvest’s products and services. We need to collect information about you as a customer for three primary reasons:

  • Fulfilling our undertakings we have to you as a customer. Three examples of this include our need to maintain a register in which we enter your purchases and sales involving our funds, our need for your bank account number in order to disperse payments, and our need for contact information in order to contact you in the event, for example, there are questions regarding an order.
  • Complying with Swedish law. The Swedish Accounting Act, money-laundering and tax legislation, as well as the Swedish Investment Funds Act and the Swedish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act require that we collect certain personal data.
  • Providing information. If you as a customer wish to receive annual and semi-annual reports, newsletters and invitations to presentations, we need your email address.
By registering as a customer of HealthInvest Partners or signing up to receive regular information from us, you consent to the manner in which we process your personal data.

You will find detailed information on our website regarding how we process your personal data and your rights here.