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It is the responsibility of each and every person interested in investing in these funds to ensure that the investment takes place in accordance with applicable laws and other regulations. Foreign law may entail that an investment cannot be made by an investor from outside Sweden. The fund company, HealthInvest Partners AB, has no responsibility whatsoever to verify whether an investment made from outside Sweden takes place in accordance with the laws of the relevant country. The material on this site is directed only at persons in Sweden.

Disputes or claims concerning the fund shall be resolved according to Swedish law and exclusively by Swedish courts of law. There is no guarantee that an investment in a fund managed by HealthInvest Partners cannot result in a loss. This applies irrespective of otherwise positive performance on the financial markets. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Information from the fund company shall not be considered a recommendation to invest in the funds. Every person considering purchasing units in any of the funds must make an independent assessment of such an investment and the risks associated therewith. Investments in the funds should be seen as long-term investments. The Funds’ prospectuses and other information about the Funds are avaliable online at You can also receive this information at no cost by calling +46 80 440 38 30 or by sending an e-mail request to