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Management collaborations

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Primary Insight maintains a extensive network of experts in the healthcare sector. We retain Primary Insight to conduct interviews or surveys amongst professional specialists in order to strengthen our investment decisions. Typically, these engagements involve looking into what users think about a particular drug or medical equipment.

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Gradient Analytics consists of a team of forensic accountants who specialise in examining shortfalls in corporate accounts. Given the countless ways a company can inflate short-term revenues and profits, we make this area a priority. Gradient assists management when we have general questions about a company’s accounts or when we need help in obtaining deeper insight into a company’s books.

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MSCI ESG Research specialises in examining companies from the perspective of how responsibly they act in terms of the environment, social issues and corporate governance. We have access to MSCI ESG Research’s databases and analysts. MSCI ESG Research has been retained by us to examine our entire portfolio every six months and flag companies which are acting irresponsibly. If a company gets a red light from MSCI ESG Research, we try to influence the company to change course. If this approach is unsuccessful, we sell off our holdings in the company within twelve months.