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Management collaborations

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Primary Insight maintains a extensive network of experts in the healthcare sector. We retain Primary Insight to conduct interviews or surveys amongst professional specialists in order to strengthen our investment decisions. Typically, these engagements involve looking into what users think about a particular drug or medical equipment.



Guidepoint offers analysis services in the health care area. Guidepoint has more than 900 employees and about 800,000 experts in its network. HealthInvest uses this network of professionals to support our investment decisions. In addition, we have access to Guidepoint’s database of already performed evaluations of medicines and medical equipment.



CFRA employs more than 70 accounting analysts who specialize in examining weaknesses in company accounting. This is an area that we attach great importance to in our management because, unfortunately, there are a large number of ways of manipulating revenues and expenses in terms of accounting. In addition to access to CFRA’s database, which covers 25,000 companies, we have access to CFRA’s analysts who can assist with deep dives into companies’ accounts before we invest.