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New portfolio managers at HealthInvest Alpha Fund

New portfolio managers at HealthInvest Alpha Fund

As of January 18, 2024, Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult will take over the portfolio management of HealthInvest Alpha Fund from Anders Hallberg. After 27 years in the industry, Anders Hallberg will, on January 18, leave his employment at HealthInvest Partners, but will remain a partner in the company.

HealthInvest's management team was strengthened in 2022 with Astrid and Ellinor, who were previously responsible for Handelsbanken Hälsovård Tema. They launched HealthInvest Sustainable Healthcare in 2022 and Avanza Healthcare by Samuelsson and Hult in 2023. Since inception, the funds have outperformed their benchmarks by 8.12% and 2.77% respectively*.

Astrid Samuelsson and Ellinor Hult are both successful, 5-star portfolio managers and have over 30 years of experience in healthcare investments. With the support of a medical expert council, they gain a unique and in-depth understanding of the rapidly growing health sector and can therefore handpick the companies that are at the forefront.

"I feel very confident in handing over the portfolio management of the Alpha Fund to my colleagues Astrid and Ellinor. Their expertise and many years of experience make me feel convinced that they will continue to create added value for the investors." says Anders Hallberg.

HealthInvest Alpha Fund started in its current form in 2013 and has, since the beginning, been managed by Anders Hallberg, who founded HealthInvest Partners AB in 2006.

"Anders has successfully built HealthInvest Partners and delivered over 13.8%, on average annually since inception to the Alpha Fund's investors. “He will be missed” says Johan Stern, chairman of the board. "Since the fund company has the privilege of having two other portfolio managers with a solid background and historically strong management results, I am convinced that Astrid and Ellinor will take over in an exemplary manner." adds Johan Stern.

HealthInvest Alpha Fund is an actively managed global equity fund whose investments target smaller companies in the healthcare sector; companies that are assessed as undervalued. The investment strategy means that a significant proportion of the fund assets is invested in small companies. The goal is to create high excess returns, with limited risk-taking.

*MSCI World Healthcare Total Net Return SEK.

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